Do you have questions or want to report a violation? Here's who to call

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 4:51 PM CDT
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On Monday, the Brazos County Community Emergency Operations Center was activated. The activation allows all local government entities to meet regularly and be on the same page.

The CEOC also activated a Joint Information Center, which allows this information to be easily distributed to KBTX so that we can share information with you. Many people have reached out to these entities for questions, including Brazos Country 911 and our local law enforcement agencies.

College Station Police Officer Tristen Lopez said they’ve seen an influx in calls ranging from questions to people reporting violations of the shelter in place.

“We have received about 113 calls regarding the shelter in place order,” said Lopez.

Those 113 calls are a mix of 911 calls and non-emergency calls.

“If you have a question about whether or not something applies to your business, then 2-1-1 is something that’s been set up here locally,” said Lopez.

Peggi Goss, Vice President of Community Impact at the United Way of the Brazos Valley, wants people to know that’s why they have 2-1-1.

“We’re here to answer any non-emergency questions,” said Goss. “If you’re looking for information or guidance on the shelter in place, that’s what 2-1-1 is here for.”

“Now, if you do observe a violation, then yes, please call your law enforcement agency,” said Lopez.

Lopez wants to remind the community that you should call the non-emergency number for those complaints, not 911.

Since the shelter in place was ordered, Officer Kelley McKethan with the Bryan Police Department said they’ve received 15 non-emergency calls.

If the Brazos County 911 District receives calls, Executive Director Patrick Corley said they haven’t seen a considerable spike in shelter-in-place calls.

“We’re sending over only a handful of those to the neighborhood enforcement team at the Bryan Police Department, anywhere from 2-6 a day,” said Corley.

He said the best way to report a violation is to call the local police departments non-emergency numbers, and 2-1-1 for questions.

For non-emergency calls:

· (979) 764-3600 for the College Station Police Department

· (979) 845-2345 for the Texas A&M University Police Department

· (979) 361-3888 for the Bryan Police Department or Brazos County Sheriff’s Office