Doctor talks vaccinations, illnesses before school starts

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - While parents are hitting the stores trying to get their kids everything they need for the first day of school, there are some other things you need to check off your list: vaccinations.

Dr. Kathryn Greiner with Baylor Scott & White says there are two big sets of booster shots that kids need to get right before kindergarten and junior high school.

“When they’re about four to six-years-old, they’re going to need their second MMR and chickenpox vaccine because those are going to spread like crazy in a classroom,” Dr. Greiner continued. “And then in junior high, they’re going to get their last tetanus booster and whooping cough booster, TDAP, and their meningitis vaccine.”

Dr. Greiner says doctors also bring up the HPV vaccine for junior high students.

Doctors say the first month of school can bring a lot of illnesses because sickness can spread like wildfire when they’re in close proximity, like a classroom.

“We see lots of fall viruses, adenovirus can cause upper respiratory symptoms… strep throat is going around like always… anything that can spread with respiratory secretions,” Dr. Greiner said.

Dr. Greiner says to teach your kids to sneeze into their elbow rather than their hands and to wash their hands often.