Dogs attacking livestock in Calvert

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CALVERT, Tex. (KBTX) - Calvert property owners and ranchers say their animals are being viciously attacked by a pack of dogs.

Joe Matejka, a Calvert rancher, says his cows are tense after an attack two days ago.

"My daughter and I happened to catch it on the road," says Matejka. "The dogs pushed the cattle across the road. We were able to save that cow. They tore her mouth up. There were about ten to 15 dogs."

Matejka says four cattle were injured during the attack, and he shot one of the dogs.

He says his neighbors have not been so lucky. One of his neighbors lost multiple cows to attacks.

"This affects our income. This is how we pay our bills, pay for our property," says Matejka.

The city of Calvert says they are aware of the dog problem, and have sent out search parties.

They urge owners to protect their property, but city officials say the animal problem has gotten worse since the city of Hearne stopped sending a part time animal control officer about six months ago.

"We've had four cows attacked in two days," says Matejka. "Eventually they are going to attack a person."