Domestic violence lands local man in prison for 17 years

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX)- Ryan Walton, 30, was sentenced this week to 17 years in prison for multiple felonies including domestic violence.

Walton's sentence came after he pled guilty to the charges.

Walton was arrested in January 2015 for a June 2014 assault of a woman that he claimed owed him money. He went into the victim's home without her consent, and began assaulting her in front of children.

In June 2015, he got into a dispute with a local man, struck him with a gun, fired several shots into the air and threatened to kill the man.

Later that same day, Walton kicked in the door of another woman, assaulted her and also threatened her with a gun.

The case was prosecuted by Assistance District Attorney Ekua Assabill.