'Drive like you work here' during National Work Zone Awareness Week

National Work Zone Awareness Week is trying out a new tag line: “Drive like you work here."

The tag line, and the campaign highlight the importance of safe driving through dangerous work zones.

In 2018, Texas had 25,162 work zone traffic crashes, which is an average of 69 per day. These resulted in 684 serious injuries and 161 fatalities. Eighty-four percent of fatalities were either motorists or their passengers, meaning it's not just the workers who are at risk.

TEEX Work Zone and Highway Safety Instructor Rick Collins trains road workers and their supervisors to mitigate the dangers of work zones through proper planning and signage.

Collins says that work zone planners are trying to do their part to keep workers safe, and he hopes drivers will do theirs as well. Some suggestions are below:

Safety Tips for Driving in Work Zones
Slow Down and Stay Alert
Put the Phone Away
Increase Your Following Distance
Keep Your Headlights On
Pay Attention to Signs, Cones and Barrels
Obey Road Crew Flaggers
Watch for Roadway Workers and Equipment
Expect the Unexpected: Sudden Stopping or Lane Changes

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