Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si surprises drivers with gift cards during traffic stops

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Several drivers got quite a surprise Wednesday morning when they were pulled over by police.

Uncle Si Robertson surprises West Monroe driver with a gift card.

That's because Uncle Si Robertson was riding shotgun.

The Duck Dynasty star, West Monroe police and United Automation teamed up to hand out gift cards.

When drivers were pulled over for minor violations, they were given a warning and instead of a ticket, they got a $100 gift card.

Uncle Si said he did this to not only help families with back-to-school expenses, but to also to build up the relationship between the community and police.

One officer also crossed the river into Monroe, so Uncle Si could give $100 to Alyssa Reuther, an elementary school raising money to buy all of her students headphones for a digital math program.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Reuther's fundraising goal has been met.

To donate to other teachers, simply follow this link and enter your zip code.

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