Local emergency operation centers prepare for severe weather

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Emergency Management officials were prepping the whole week leading up to the storms that blew through on Friday.

Anytime there’s a chance for severe weather; people might feel a little on edge.

Brazos County EOC’s Management Emergency Coordinator Michele Meade said they were as prepared as they could be leading up to the storm.

“So all of the emergency management coordinators are working with their emergency management partners,” said Meade. “We checked with anyone that has special events going on, and they made some adjustments.”

Meade said with the chances of high winds; she encourages people in the area to tie down their trampolines and any other large objects that could damage windows.

“You could even take big things into the garage,” said Meade.

Just a county over from Brazos County, Robertson County spent the entire week prepping for the weather as well.

In April 2019, a tornado touched down in Franklin and made an everlasting impact on the community.

Franklin Mayor Molly Hedrick said it’s a day they’ll never forget.

“I wouldn’t say we were flat-footed, but one never knows what tornado a path is going to take,” said Mayor Hedrick.

She said even though it was a tragedy, it’s allowed them to prepare as much as possible for future severe weather.

“We’ve had our public works director checking all the batteries, checking all the generators and making sure everything’s working,” said Mayor Hedrick.

The community also opened its Pridgeon Community Center to anyone who might’ve been displaced from their home.

She advised people to stay inside and know where their safe place is.

After speaking with other surrounding counties, it was clear that they were all prepared with crews in place and were ready for the unexpected.

Meade said that if you come across any fallen trees, you can call the non-emergency number at (979) 361-3888.