Eagles fan prepping his ultimate "fan cave" for Super Bowl

In trending news this morning, an Eagles fan shows off the ultimate "fan cave," plus a new Super Bowl commercial features the Black Panther, and teen texting lingo is decoded.

First up, a Philadelphia Eagles super fan has built the ultimate "fan cave." He built the shrine to the birds 13 years ago, spending money he and his wife were saving to build a winter retirement home in Florida. Superbowl Sunday all 16 high-def TV's in the room will be blaring as roughly 200 people pack in to the fan's paradise, hoping to witness history.

Also trending, Lexus has released its new Super Bowl commercial starring Chadwick Boseman as 'Black Panther.' It's a sixty second spot for Lexus' LS 500 F Sport. The car is a luxury sport sedan that goes on sale in February.

The ad features special effects and was shot using costumes and gear from the film. A different Lexus model is actually featured in the film which is set to be released on February 16.

Lastly, a doctor in Chicago is encouraging local schools to train parents and teachers in the lingo teens use while texting. She says inappropriate language and sexting has increased in middle schools.

Parents should look out for codes like "finsta" which means fake instagram account. There's the popular "Netflix and chill" which is an invite to hook up. And "99" which means parents are gone. Experts warn not to over monitor, but keeping up with your kids language is always a good idea.