El Paso shooting victim praised as a hero

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EL PASO, Tex. (KBTX) - Guillermo Garcia's actions are surfacing as ones of sacrifice and courage.

He and his family were outside the El Paso Walmart, fundraising for his daughter's soccer team when a gunman walked up and began shooting.

Don Coca says the massacre could have been even more deadly, had it not been for his son-in-law's bravery.

"He's a big guy," said Coca. "I believe he stepped in front to product my daughter and his kids."

Garcia has undergone five surgeries in less than two days and remains in ICU at Del Sol medical center.

In the face of hate and violence, Cocas says Garcia show steadfast care and devotion.

"He promised me he'd take care of my daughter and I believe he did," said Cocas. "Including take a bullet."