Electric scooter vendor optimistic about 6-month pilot program

HUNTSVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) - Another Brazos Valley city is looking to test out electric scooters. Last week we learned they would be rolling into downtown Bryan for a six-month trial run.

Last week the city of Huntsville approved a six-month pilot program to test the scooters.

Brad Warner with GOAT Huntsville TX Scooters is the first of two vendors setting up shop in the college town.

"The idea is to take these from the apartments to the university and back,” said Warner. “Help relieve some of the congestion that happens down there."

Warner says an average ride will cost between 2 and 3 dollars. He believes the traffic will bring more money to local businesses.

"Restaurants and apartments, we're working with the city to get some public parking around the university and square,” said Warner.

City Manager, Aron Kulhavy, says the council initially had safety concerns about approving the scooters.

"When we wrote a lot of our traffic laws it was intended for bicycles and skateboards,” said Kulhavy. “When it is something entirely new that we could not have predicted 5 or 10 years ago it's hard to jump in feet first and go all the way."

Under the pilot program the scooters will only available during the day and users can't just ride them anywhere.

Sam Houston University will not permit them on campus property.

"There is a GEO-Fence around the whole service area,” said Warner. “They can't take the scooters across 45 or onto highway 19."

And if at the end of six months the city says no, warner says he'll take it from there.

"I have no doubt that this is going to be a success here,” he said.

The university did not give a reason as to why the scooters will not be permitted on campus. Warner says they are working with the city to get parking spots along the campus perimeter.

Downtown Bryan’s pilot program is scheduled to begin sometime in the next two months.