English Bulldog named Zsa Zsa crowned World's Ugliest Dog

In trending news this Monday morning, the world's ugliest dog has been crowned in California and a kangaroo crashes a soccer game.

First up, the World's Ugliest Dog competition took place in California this weekend and a bulldog took the crown. Zsa Zsa, a 9-year-old English Bulldog from Minnesota, who's tongue consistently hangs from her mouth, had just what it took to impress the judges. She beat out 13 other dogs for the title.

The World's ugliest Dog Contest is more than just a non-beauty pageant, its a celebration of the dogs, many of which were rescued from shelters or puppy mills. The annual event puts an emphasis on promoting pet adoption.

Also trending, a kangaroo crashed an Australian soccer match, halting play after it refused to leave the stadium. The kangaroo wandered around before laying down on the penalty spot during the half time break.

He was then guided away from the pitch by a vehicle before the match resumed, but then he came back for a second time! After about thirty minutes, the kangaroo made his final exit.