Finfeather Road residents react after three robberies with one being shot

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BRYAN - Bryan Police need your help catching an aggravated robbery suspect after armed robberies Saturday morning that ended with one victim being shot.

Residents on Finfeather Road where the crimes happened are now concerned.

Residents at the Presidio Apartments are on edge after a string of armed robberies Saturday that sent a man to the hospital.

"It's so close and it could have happened to anyone like even us and we live with a baby so it's really scary," said Victoria Barrera, a resident at the apartment complex.

Police say a man was sitting in his car a little after midnight when another man approached carrying a gun. He stole items, then left, but returned when a friend joined the victim and fired a gunshot as they drove away.

"I think it's pretty crazy that it happened here, especially since it's so close to campus and nothing really happens here," said Jamie McCaskill, a Presidio Apartments Resident.

Moments later after the first robbery police say another 19-year-old man and woman were waiting for friends in a car outside the apartment complex gate when they were approached by an armed suspect. They drove off and no one was hurt.

Victoria Barrera just moved into the complex this month but is making plans for protection.

"I'm turning 21 in September so I'm getting my license to carry so I'll have that and I'll have a gun in the house," added Barrera.

Bryan Police say seven minutes after the initial robbery a 26-year-old-man was walking in a parking lot in the 2800 block of Finfeather Road when the robber approached him demanding money. He refused and was shot.

The man was taken to CHI St. Joseph Hospital for injuries that weren't serious.

Back at the Presidio Apartments Texas A&M Student Cole Clark says the apartment has always seemed secure, but he plans to be cautious.

"Don't spend a lot of time in your car just get in and go where you need to go get in. Come up lock up you know just be safer because they've, there's rough neighborhoods around here but they know students live here and they kind of mind their business," said Clark.

At last check the victim who was shot is still recovering at CHI St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan. Police are not releasing his identity.

The suspect in the first robbery is described as a young African American man wearing gray or black clothing.

In the second robbery they are described as a young African American man with average height, thin build and wearing dark clothing.

The suspect accused of shooting a man is described as a young black man, skinny, around 5'10 in height wearing black and red clothing.