Fitness Friday - CrossFit Obey

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Fitness Friday is officially back! For our first new segment of the fall, we wanted to tackle a pretty intense workout.

We spent some time with CrossFit Obey. While it may look intimidating, it turns out CrossFit can be for anyone.

Cade Wilson, one of the owners, says they have people from age 12 all the way up into their 60's who work out there.

"Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity, all the CrossFit gyms in the area are going to do that. I think what's going to differentiate a CrossFit style gym from a high-intensity gym are some of the complexities we can play with," said Wilson.

There's a stigma that you'll get hurt trying to lift too much too fast at a CrossFit gym, but Wilson says that's not the case. Every move has an option to scale it up or down depending on your fitness level.

Check out the videos to see what you can expect at CrossFit Obey! They usually host free workouts on the first Friday of each month, but they're offering free days every Friday through the rest of September.

They're located at 417 Delwood Street in Bryan. Check the Related Links section to head to their website.