Florida officers share memorable night with special needs students

In trending news this morning, Florida officers team up with special needs teenagers for an unforgettable night, plus fashion gets even more confusing with the release of new extreme cut-out jeans, and a Pennsylvania man gets a smelly surprise.

First up, it was a night to remember for a group of Florida high school students and police officers. The officers escorted a group of special needs students to Prom as their dates. They even gave them corsages and boutonnieres.

The officers said on Twitter, "as much as tonight means to these students, it means the world to us to be able to escort them to their prom."

Also trending, Los Angeles-based Carmar has debuted extreme cut-out jeans. The pants are targeted to the free spirited generation.

At $168, if you want to buy a pair, you'll have to wait. The jeans are currently sold out.

Lastly, a Pennsylvania man recently discovered he has some of the rarest flowers in the world on his porch.

Bill Nagy says he didn't even know what corpse flowers were when he got them, but he recently got a whiff of the notorious odor when the wind blew off one of the blooms. Nagy has six of the pungent flowers after giving one to a neighbor.