Flotation therapy studio brings new experience to College Station

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - After practicing the art of massage therapy for the last 18 years, Debby Maduro decided to bring her clients a new way to relax.

As a person that loves to meditate, Debby said deciding to learn about flotation therapy in sensory deprivation tanks was a no-brainer.

"I went to Austin and from the very first time I got in a pod, I was hooked," said Maduro. "I knew it would be a perfect addition to massage therapy."

She and her business partner Miguel Sanchez decided to open Dinosaur Egg Flotation and Massage Studio in College Station in January 2019. The studio offers regular massage with three different masseuses including Debby and float therapy both by yourself and for couples.

"The deprivation tanks are soundproof, and the studio rooms themselves are also soundproof and lightproof so you're getting a full sensory deprivation experience," said Maduro.

The idea behind sensory deprivation is to allow yourself to completely disconnect. The feeling of being weightless and suspended in the water aims to allow users to reset and relax.

There are about 170 gallons of water filled with 800-1000 lbs. of medical grade Epsom salt in each tank. That combination is what causes you to float.

"The Epsom salt has magnesium instead of sodium, which is what makes you more relaxed and gives you the benefits of the magnesium," said Sanchez. "Epsom salt is automatically a anti-inflammatory for your body."

As the trend has caught on around the world, several professional athletes have begun to partake in the therapy. The temperature of the water is consistently set at 94-96 degrees, allowing the body to fully relax and helps open your pores.

The owners say it may not be for everybody, but for those that have high anxiety, or who have PTSD it can be wonderful for their relaxation.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes for $75. The studio has three different tanks, two pods that completely close, and a third tank for couples.

Each room is completely private and comes complete with a shower inside for rinse off.

Dinosaur Egg Float and Massage studio is located at 1645 Greens Prairie Rd West, Suite 502 in South College Station.