Focus at Four: "Country Girls Can Code" and other STEM resources for rural areas

Tech4Tex and Aggie STEM are just two organizations working to help include girls from rural areas in programs that advance girls' interests and education in science, technology, engineering and math.

Courtesy: MGN
Courtesy: MGN

Tech4Tex is currently fundraising to send 50 girls from rural areas of Texas to a one-day session in Austin called Country Girls Can Code. (See Related Links to donate.) If it's fully funded, the non-profit will include four girls from Anderson-Shiro High School in the Country Girls Can Code day.

"I want to go into a business career," said Samatha Dewberry, a senior at Anderson-Shiro. "So I know that coding is something that could be very important and helpful in that field."

"And I'm just beginning my studies in engineering," said Ann-Marie Backhus, a freshman at the school. "It would be great to get this experience right at the beginning."

Aggie STEM is a Texas A&M-based group that, among other projects, hosts STEM summer camps. One is specifically for girls, and the group works to reach out to girls in rural areas as well. Find out how to donate to these efforts on the Related Links as well.

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