Focus at Four: The 'Say Merry Christmas' campaign at Texas A&M

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - A Texas A&M University staff member says he wants his fellow faculty and staff to know that they're allowed to say "Merry Christmas."


"As the Catholic Faculty and Staff Network has been looking at our mission and vision, one thing we looked at is sharing our faith in the workplace," said Roger Martinez, director, Office of the Provost, Public Partnership & Outreach. "One way we looked at that is saying Merry Christmas, so that's how it all started."

Martinez says it's not just about members of the Christian faith sharing their holiday spirit, but that he would welcome members of all faiths to express their greetings.

As for the univeristy's policy, Martinez says there's not an official one.

"There's some guidance, however," said Martinez. As he explains it, expression of faith in public spaces should be inclusive, while more private spaces such as offices, may reflect its occupant's beliefs only.

"We can have a Bible on our desk if we like," said Martinez. "We can have a crucifix--any type of religious articles of any faith in our office. So it gives us a little bit more leeway."

Matinez says he has been concerned about saying "Merry Christmas" to non-Christians in the past, but "by and large when I say Merry Christmas to people now, a large majority, nine out of ten times, they'll say merry Christmas back with a big smile."

"So if I go around not wanting to offend someone because of what I believe, then am I really sharing in that joy and that love that I'm called to give to other people?" said Martinez.

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