Focus at Four: Debunking common health myths

Warm milk before bedtime. Vitamin C when you have a cold. Don't sit so close to the TV. These are some health tips that a lot of us grew up with--but are they true?

Mark Faries, Ph.D. is a professor and behavioral health psychologist with the Texas A&M Health Science Center. Also, he writes a blog called "Fitness Pudding" dedicated to debunking health and nutrition myths like these.

Here's what he has to say about today's list of health tips:

"Sitting too close to the screen will ruin your eyes!": Tough to say. It's not going to "ruin your eyes," but it can cause fatigue of the eyes.

"Vitamin C prevents colds!": No, but it may shorten the duration of colds.

"Jet hand dryers are more sanitary than paper towels!": False. In fact, they're less sanitary and can spread the germs around the area. Use the friction of paper towels to scrub the germs off.

"A glass of warm milk will help you snooze!": Nothing physiological makes this true, but if it's a comforting part of your bedtime routine, go for it.

"Hydrogen peroxide is good for cleaning wounds!": It will break down the walls of bacteria, but it also breaks down other cells. Medical recommendations are to stick to soap and water.

"If your mucus is green, you have an infection and need antibiotics!": Depends. See a doctor.

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