Focus at Four: Flores on DACA, Russia, CHIP funding, and the government shutdown

Congressman Bill Flores (R-17) stopped by the KBTX studio to discuss the latest in Washington, D.C.

See the video player above for the full conversation in two parts. Read the highlights from Rep. Flores below:

On the Justice Department demanding documents from local law enforcement agencies of so-called sanctuary cities and sanctuary states:

"I think it's perfectly appropriate. The cities, and some states that have designated themselves as sanctuary status, receive billions of dollars in federal funds. In exchange for that, expect them to follow the laws--all the laws, not the laws that they pick and choose. It's simple: if you stop somebody for a crime, let ICE know so that we can determine whether or not they should be detained for an immigration study or not."

On the government shutdown and making sure it doesn't happen again:

"This is not really an issue with the House. We've done our work with respect to funding...Just to remind everybody, the House did its job in September and passed a full year funding bill, but it went nowhere in the Senate again, because of the filibuster."

On the continued immigration discussions, which he says include border security, DACA, chain immigration, and the diversity lottery:

"I think there is a bi-partisan solution for all of those. But what we don't need is for one side or the other to say, 'Well I won't do this; I have to have this or I won't do that.' So I'm hopeful that everyone will just keep these four things on the table, work through and come to a bi-partisan solution."

"My impression is that everyone will stay at the table and stay engaged...I'm hopeful that we can get cooler heads to prevail."

On whether a border wall will be part of the immigration legislation:

"It should--but let's be sure we define 'wall' carefully because that's been one of the emotional issues that's come up. 'Wall' is border security, but it only means walls in some areas, or barriers of some type."

"The president talked wall from sea to sea, and that's not going to happen. And he's actually moderated his tone since then."

On the continuing investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia:

"Based on what I've seen, and I've seen most of the confidential documents, I don't see any evidence of any Russian collusion. I'd just as soon we got the Mueller investigation done and on down the road. I'm not one of those people calling to throw Mueller out. I think we ought to have that investigation, but there are some other investigations we need to have at the FBI as well, based on what I've seen in terms of what they were doing with FISA warrants."