Focus at Four: How Rev. Billy Graham's message lives on in BCS

The Reverend Bill Graham has died at the age of 99, after a lifetime of ministering all over the globe.

The legendary evangelist's impact on American culture was massive, and his influence spread beyond U.S. borders.

Right here in Bryan-College Station, Monty Hunt used to run a call center that where trained counselors spoke to callers who dialed the toll-free number displayed during Rev. Graham's televised 'crusades.' There were only about 200 of them in the world.

"It was a very personal thing," said Hunt, who is now president of the Bridge Minstries in Bryan. "It dealt with people who had drug abuse, had been abused, had problems in their marriage, had questions about their faith; so we would counsel with these people on the Bible's message."

Hunt also shared his thoughts on Rev. Graham's minsterial style and how his expression of faith is both personal and timeless. For more, see the video player above. To learn about Bridge MInistries, see the Related Links.