Focus at Four: How flooded businesses get back on their feet

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - When a company ends up literally underwater, exactly how can they swim themselves to the proverbial shore?

Rentsys is a national, College Station-based company that helps businesses to do just that.

"The company keeps us on retainer," said Rentsys account executive Steve O'Neal. "And then when they need help, we are there with the electronics, data, systems, and occasionally even facilities to help them back on their feet."

O'Neal describes it as a kind of insurance policy. "You hope you never have to actually use our services, but if you do, we're here," he said.

Rentsys offers companies a 'mobile office' as part of the deal. It's a large 18-wheeler truck with a functional office set up inside.

"There's units like this already deployed in Rockport for banks, insurance claims, helping those people to recover," said O'Neal. "This thing can set up with 50 people, satellite comms, get them basically the ability to do work in an office environment."

Rentsys works with the companies pre-disaster to collect and safely store their data. "That's the most important part for the companies, knowing there's a data backup that can't and won't be destroyed," he said.

For the full tour of Rentsys from First News at Four, see the video player above.