Focus at Four: Is $1.5 trillion enough to fix America's crumbling infrastructure?

The Trump administration is laying out its plan for building new roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

On an issue both sides applauded at the state of the union address, President Trump called for a $1.5 trillion dollars in infrastructure spending.

The federal government's commitment would be about $200 billion over 10 years. State and local governments would have to come up with the rest.

So, is that enough to fix this country's crumbling infrastructure?

"It depends," said Zachary Grasley, director of the Center for Infrstructure Renewal at Texas A&M University. "It depends if we do things the way we've always done them, or if we can find ways to do things better."

Grasley says it's a matter of developing better materials, better designs, and better construction plans.

"That means building it for less money, in less time; building things so that they last longer and don't break down over time or with overuse," said Grasley.

And that's exactly the kind of research being done right now at the Center for Infrastructure Renewal. Grasley took over the CIR in January, and he says they're currently working with both governmental agencies and private companies to change the way infrastructure is approached.

It's why Grasley says it "depends" if $1.5 trillion is enough to put this country's infrastructure back together.

"Certainly we could do things the ways we've always done them," Grasley said, "but we'll be back having this conversation in short order again."

For the full conversation with Grasley, see the video player above. For more information on the Texas A&M CIR, see the Related Links.