Focus at Four: Is Facebook’s ‘Messenger Kids’ hurting your child’s development?

Health experts are calling on Facebook to shut down its "Messenger Kids" app.

The app is targeted at 6-12 year olds, and the people calling for its shut-down say it’s likely to "damage a child's healthy development."

Jeffrey Liew is a professor in the Texas A&M Department of Educational Psychology. He says, parents must ask themselves two questions.

“First, whether this app provides children with adequate and appropriate safeguards embedded within the app,” said Liew. “Second, we need to consider whether parents can truly monitor their children’s use of this app.”

Those calling for the app’s shutdown say that children are too young to understand the complexities of online relationships.

“The images being shared may not actually reflect reality,” Liew said. “So what you get to know about the person may not truly reflect reality.”

Liew points out that the above is true for adult online relationships as well, but for children, it’s especially difficult to understand.

For more from Liew, see the video player above.