Focus at Four: Keeping churches safe

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The tragedy in Sutherland Springs is the latest in a series of large scale acts of gun violence. The country has experienced mass shootings in more than 10 communities this year alone, usually at relatively unprotected sites like businesses and concerts.

Now, another shooting happening at a church. Daniel Webb, the business administrator with First Baptist Church in Bryan, joined First News at Four to talk about how his church worked to put a plan in place to keep the congregation safe.

You can watch the entire interview with Webb in the video player above.

Webb said the safety plan actually came from a tornado warning a few years ago. The church realized they didn't respond to that moment as quickly as they wanted to. In the weeks after that day, the church met and developed a plan to make sure the church would be safe, not only from severe weather, but from man-made problems as well.

"The reality is, even though we don't desire to have to have law enforcement always by our side it is often a welcome presence in the church," Webb said. He went to say that many of the officers they have at their church have become like family.