Focus at Four: Pick up a free drug-dissolving bag to keep your family safe this Christmas

Whether it's grandkids who don't know what they're ingesting or relatives who do, your best bet is to get rid of your unused medications--safely--before Christmas dinner.

"A lot of pills look like colorful candy to small children," said Mary Parrish, health educator with the Brazos County Health Department. "And unfortunately, older children and even adults may be intentionally looking for medications like opioids to seek that high."

The health department is handing out Deterra bags for free. They're a simple system and practical solution for safely disposing of any medications you don't want lying around the house. See the video player above for a demonstration of how they work.

Parrish stresses the importance of getting rids of your meds the right way.

"Studies have shown traces of anti-depressants in water supplies from drugs being flushed down the toilet," said Parrish. "And if you just throw them in the trash, we've found that addicts will actually dig through trash cans to find them."

If you want to pick up your own drug disposal bag, stop by the Brazos County Health Department at 201 N Texas Avenue, Bryan. You are not required to provide any information about yourself to get one.