Focus at Four: Previewing Pres. Trump's first State of the Union

A year after taking office, President Donald Trump will take the podium to address Congress and the American people.

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / MGN

"These remain really important events because they're a chance to speak to the whole nation in a world of divided media," said Kirby Goidel, research fellow at the Texas A&M Public Policy Institute and professor in the Department of Communication.

Historically, presidents talk about the accomplishments of the past year.

"Claim victory over an economy," Goidel predicts of the president. "The economy is actually very good under President Trump, so he can claim victory of sorts over that."

Besides a booming economy, Goidel and other experts say immigration and infrastructure will be the key policy points of the speech.

"The president is not really a detail guy, so we don't expect him to go really far into the weeds," said Goidel. "But we do expect him to set the agenda on immigration, especially on the wall, and especially on the Dreamers so that he can try to build a compromise on this address."

On infrastructure, the country is less divided.

"A lot of people agree that there's a lot of need to rebuild roads and bridges," Goidel said.

For Goidel's full comments, see the video player above.