Focus at Four: Rebuild Texas commissioner John Sharp thanks A&M's 'selfless service' during Harvey

Published: Oct. 4, 2017 at 2:51 PM CDT
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Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp, who's recently been named commissioner of the governor's commission to Rebuild Texas, says the Texas A&M System has been critical for the Harvey-ravaged state.

Sharp explains how one employee from each of the the Texas A&M Extension Service offices in a majority of Texas counties has been designated to help that county access state recovery services.

"Employees that are doing this and working their tails off until 10 o'clock at night, making sure they got the report for Refugio County or Victoria or wherever," Sharp said. "People are really going way beyond what their job description entails at A&M."

Furthermore, Sharp says this saves the state money. If it weren't for these extension employees, outside consultants would have to be paid to do the same job.

"That's how it worked in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina," said Sharp. "Tens of millions of dollars."

But Sharp and his commission to Rebuild Texas aren't just looking to rebuild the infrastructure; they're looking to rebuild the whole system.

"The next thing that happens is we're assembling a group of experts in dam rebuilding--mitigation," said Sharp. "In other words, how do you keep this stuff from happening again?"

For more from Sharp on First News at Four, see the video player above.