Focus at Four: Saving, sharing child pornography video is illegal—no matter your intentions

Bryan police are getting the word out about a child pornography video they say is being shared on Facebook Messenger. The message is accompanied by a text asking users to help identify the suspect.

Photo: Beyond Borders

Officer Kelley McKethan with BPD says, no matter your good intentions, sharing images of child pornography is a crime.

“Just delete it and report it to Facebook so they can keep trying to track where it originated,” said McKethan on First News at Four. “Saving it or sending it is illegal.”

"Plus, we don't want to re-victimize this child," said McKethan.

McKethan confirms that it’s unlikely this video originated in the Brazos Valley, and her department has little involvement in cracking the case.

“However, this is a case for law enforcement to figure out,” said McKethan. “The public can leave this one up to the police.”