Focus at Four: Stock market drop explained, put in context

Amidst a big one-day stock market drop, investors big and small are showing some concern over Wall Street's status.

Raymond Robertson, political economist at the Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service, tells investors not to worry.

"The best thing to do is don't panic, and don't sell," said Robertson. "This is a correction. The market is normalizing."

Robertson points out that the Dow Jones Industrial Average still hasn't fallen below pre-Trump Administration levels, and it's even now showing signs of coming back slightly from this drop.

"There are people and there are machines following a herd mentality here," said Robertson. "So this happens sometimes, and it can be random."

However, Robertson says he does see some association with the tax reform bill and the December jobs report.

"The jobs report was good for workers, but not necessarily for the businesses that emply them," said Robertson. "Inflation is expected as well, and that puts a lot of pressure on an already pressurized stock market."

You can watch Robertson's full comments in the video player above.