Focus at Four: Study says dads have more fun, moms do more housework

A study out of Ohio State University looked at couples three months after the birth of their first child on days when neither spouse was working.

According to the study, women were most often doing housework or child care while men were relaxing.

Dr. David Henderson, psychiatrist and marriage counselor, says to take the results of the study with the appropriate grain of salt.

"In the study, they just look at what was going on," said Henderson. "They're maybe making a judgement call about the attitudes of the individuals that they surveyed."

Henderson suggests that women weren't asked whether they enjoyed playtime with the child, or if perhaps cleaning was relaxing to them.

"There could be a satisfaction component there," said Henderson. "It's a stereotype to say that taking care of kids is always 'work.'"

"That said, it is a real issue that men tend to be more able to compartmentalize and push other aspects of their life out of the task at hand," said Henderson. "When you're watching the game, maybe you don't pick up on the fact that your wife needs some help."

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