Focus at Four: The cleaning products needed to keep you safe from flu

The Brazos County Health Department's Mary Parrish stopped by First News at Four to explain which products you need, and how you should be using them, to keep the flu out of your home.

Photo: Dawn Arlotta / CDC

"Washing things like clothes and dishes in regular detergent is effective at removing flu germs," said Parrish. "This is an example of cleaning because the germs are physically removed from the object, but not killed."

As for disinfecting surfaces or objects, Parrish says wipes and sprays are easy and effective.

"You want to look for products that have some form of chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol," said Parrish.

However, Parrish warns that you'll want to be careful not to mix products.

"Mixing different disinfecting chemicals can produce highly toxic fumes--especially bleach," Parrish said.

For Parrish's full advice on behalf of the Brazos County Health Department, see the video player above.