Focus at Four: Using arbitration to settle the North Korean crisis

Arbitration should be considered, and considered seriously, in the North Korea crisis. That's the message from two Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service faculty members.

On First News at Four, one of them, Ronald Sievert, explained that while it's true tensions have lessened some in the wake of President Donald Trump agreeing to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, he's uncertain that this kind of bi-lateral discussion will be helpful.

What Sievert and fellow professor Will Norris propose is a arbitration with third-party facilitators from other countries.

"This would provide cover for both President Trump and Kim to make concessions about things like nuclear weapons," said Sievert.

Furthermore, Sievert doesn't believe failed bi-lateral talks would necessarily prelue arbitration.

"I hope that would be the next step," said Sievert.

Sievert and China scholar Norris also suggest an important role for China in this arrangement. For more about that, see the video player above.

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