Focus at Four: What to know before you fly your new drone

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - You or someone you know probably has a new drone after the Christmas holiday. While there's plenty of fun to be had, there are also rules to be followed.

"Number one, you have to consider general safety when flying your drone," said Chris Lamb, certified drone pilot with Water to Wine Productions. "Think about your surroundings, and understand what your machine can do."

Lamb also stresses the importance of knowing airspace rules. If you're going to sell content created with your drone (photos, video), you have to pass the same aviation safety exam that airplane pilots do.

"But even if you're just going to be an amateur pilot, you still have to know those rules and follow them," said Lamb.

In the Bryan-College Station area, drone pilots also must consider local airports.

"You can't fly a drone within a five-mile radius of an airport," said Lamb. "And since we have Easterwood in College Station and Coulter in Bryan, it's really a ten-mile radius." Lamb says there are apps, like the Federal Aviation Administration's app or another called 'Hover' that will let you know if you're in protected airspace.

Furthermore, there are different rules depending on the size of your drone. For example, if yours weighs more than half a pound, it must be registered with the FAA.

Lamb suggests reading up on the rules on the FAA website. You can find that site on the Related Links.