Focus at Four: Why you might consider raising your car insurance liabilities

A College Station personal injury lawyer is warning drivers against the dangers of being underinsured.

State Farm / CC BY 2.0

"In Texas, you have to have $30,000 in liabilty coverage," said Jeff Paradowski, a board-certified personal injury attorney who practices in the Brazos Valley. "But think about it: between medical bills and taking care of your vehicle and even losing time at work, your expenses could be way more than that."

Paradowski says this is a particularly important consideration for drivers in a college town.

"Even if you're planning to sue above the other driver's coverage, keep in mind that these college students don't have any other assets," said Paradowski. "So you won't get anything more than what their insurance covers."

For the full conversation with Paradowski, see the video player above. To contact Paradowski, check out his website in the Related Links.