Forklift cavalry foils robbery suspects' plans

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In trending news this morning, warehouse workers use forklifts to prevent would-be robbers from getting away and Star Wars fans turned out in full force for the premier of the Last Jedi.

First up, ​warehouse workers became heroes after foiling a brazen, daytime robbery attempt in the Czech Republic. Surveillance video shows suspects pull a red vehicle up next to a construction van. After the suspects allegedly attempt to steal tools from the van, a scuffle ensues.

When the suspects try to flee, the construction workers jump on nearby forklifts, blocking the vehicle's escape route and trapping the suspects. They were later arrested by police.

Also trending, for some Star Wars fans only the first showing of the Last Jedi would do. Lines formed across the country last night to find out what Luke and Leia were up to.

A long long time ago, in 1977, the first star wars film premiered at LA's Chinese Theater. Last night, legions turned out to witness Luke Skywalker's return and to see how filmmakers dealt with the death of Carrie Fischer, who plays Princess Leia.