Former Brenham veterinarian set to meet with state board

AUSTIN - A former Brenham veterinarian, who made a social media post about killing a cat with a bow and arrow, is scheduled to meet with the Texas Board or Veterinary Medical Examiners Thursday.

The alleged animal cruelty controversy started last summer when Dr. Kristen Lindsey posted a picture of her holding a dead cat with an arrow through its head on her Facebook.

The photo cost Lindsey her job and sparked outrage from animal rights activists. In June, an Austin County grand jury declined to indict Lindsey.

In the post, Lindsey claimed the cat was a feral cat. Others think it was a 6-year-old orange Tabby named Tiger, whose owners say, went missing the same day Dr. Lindsey posted the picture.

Thursday’s mediation will address whether or not to revoke Dr. Lindsey’s license.

A spokesperson for the board says the closed meeting is to give due process and hopefully reach some sort of agreement. If one isn't reached, the case could go to an administrative hearing at a later date.