Former Lincoln High students talk importance of Lincoln Recreation Center

Published: Feb. 1, 2016 at 4:53 PM CST
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February marks Black History Month, and KBTX is taking a look at the past, present and future impact of the Lincoln Recreation Center on the College Station community.

"We were a family, and as you can tell right now, we are 69 and 70 years old, but we still act like we did in 11th and 12th grade!" said former Lincoln High student Henry Lewis.

He was one of 18 students in the final class to graduate from Lincoln High School in 1965.

The College Station school opened its doors to African American students in 1941, offering elementary to high school education.

"When parts of the school burned down, they integrated into College Station ISD," said Assistant Center Supervisor Cheletia Johnson.

But in a way, that wasn't the end of Lincoln High. Thanks to a group of alumni, after a few renovations, the building still stands and acts as a living testament to the accomplishments of those students.

The building now serves as the Lincoln Recreation Center.

Lewis said, "I'm so proud that they did not demolish it."

"Lincoln Center was always here. It's always been a place for us to come hang out after school and in the summer time," said Johnson.

Johnson added that she is a product of the community, and she wants everyone to know that the student and senior programs offered at the center are not exclusive.

"It's a great place for the African American community, but its not just for the African American community! It is for everybody," said Johnson.

The space gives former students who still walk the halls everyday, a sense of pride, fellowship and family.

Lewis said, " You never forget where you come from, never forget your roots and always strive to do better."

"They're keeping the dream alive," said former student Lucile Young. "We don't want to let it die. Got to keep it going and make it better than it was then."

The Lincoln Recreation Center is working towards the future by adding a new building to the property. They are expected to break ground on the building this Spring.

You can find out more about Black History Month events that the Lincoln Center is hosting this month, here: