Franklin Food Pantry receives help from Austin-based-charity

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FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX) - One of the hardest hit buildings during the tornado that struck Franklin Saturday, was the town's food pantry.

"Right before it hit it was getting pretty stormy," says Jerry Redden was with a group from church inside the pantry when the tornado hit.
"My wife Cheryl asked (a) preacher to pray for the safety."

Many from the community showed up in hours after to help, including members from an Austin charity called 7 Slot Response.

CEO and Director Jason Glass says he drove up to Franklin as soon as he saw the weather turn bad.

"We started watching the weather and we have technical operations guy and he started seeing development of the storm," says Glass.

Glass started the 7 Slot Response after Hurricane Harvey but says he hasn't seen damage like this.

"This is a lot different than working hurricanes or floods, tornadoes do a lot more damage a lot faster without any kind of warning. It’s pretty nasty."

Glass and 7 Slot Response were able to help clean up the entire Franklin Food Pantry, and hope to put up a tarp over the holes in the building's roof.

Redden says he isn't sure when the pantry will re-open, but that he is grateful for all the help.

"I’m speechless it’s good to have a community like this that sticks together."