Franklin families moving forward one month after devastating tornado

FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX) Monday marks one month since an EF-3 tornado changed the city of Franklin forever.

Latasha Richardson grew up in Franklin and says she still vividly remembers the day her life changed.

"I will never forget what happened to us on April 13. The house began to shake like a train and then it began to move and all I could do was to call in the name of Jesus to save us,” says Richardson.

Richardson and her family are still picking up the pieces. Memories scattered from a home she grew up in on South Main Street.

"I tried to open my front door and my husband screamed and he called out my mother’s name. My mom’s house was gone. My expedition was flipped upside down into my uncle’s yard where his house and my aunt’s house was gone,” Richardson says.

Latasha's aunt Pamela Darnell says the memory is still surreal.

"It took me a couple of weeks to realize that a tornado has come through and basically took our whole lives away because we lost our house we lost cars we lost everything,” says Darnell.

The family says they will rebuild, on that same street, where their whole lives once stood.

"My whole entire childhood was gone. Our neighborhood is not going to be the same anymore but it’s going to be better,” says Richardson.