Fraternity death: New documents reveal Sigma Nu members waited to call 911

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COLLEGE STATION- A search warrant signed by a local judge says members of the Sigma Nu fraternity in College Station dragged a teen's body through the house and waited to call 911 because they didn't want police involved.

According to the warrant, College Station police found marijuana, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy inside the fraternity's house where 19-year-old Anton Gridnev became unconscious Saturday morning. The teen was rushed to a hospital by paramedics where he was later pronounced dead.

Authorities there also seized cash, scales and documents of drug sales.

Police say the fraternity had a party Friday night into Saturday morning.

According to the warrant, that morning someone from the house called the College Station Medical Center asking what to do for someone who overdosed.

Fifteen minutes later, a second caller asking for more help said they didn't want police involved because of the substances used.

Another 16 minutes passed before someone called 9-1-1.

KBTX has requested a copy of the 9-1-1 call from authorities.

Police officers responding to the home found Gridnev unconscious and unresponsive.

They say he'd been dragged from his first-floor bedroom to the home's main door.

Witnesses told police Gridnev was celebrating his birthday and took unknown quantities of ecstasy, hydrocodone, Xanax and maybe heroin within hours of his death.

The document says investigators found drugs in 11 rooms, most of it in plain sight.

Steven Woods has lived in College Station for ten years and regularly walks his dog by the house.

"I was surprised because you know I had hoped nowadays you know fraternities were starting to you know try to reform themselves and you know encourage their members to you know be more responsible," said Woods.

Anton Gridnev grew up in the North Texas city of Frisco and graduated from Heritage High School.

"I hope it's a lesson for people to make better life choices you know when you're in college so you know I hope it I hope the information gets out," said Woods.