From the Ground Up - The Nutritious Characteristics of Beef

Published: Jun. 23, 2016 at 7:35 AM CDT
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Ranchers produce animals today that are much different than those from years ago. Research that showed a healthier diet contains less fat led consumers to demand more lean meat products and the beef industry reacted. Dr. Dick Sherron is a physician and rancher.

“Back in the fifties, we had a big change in our eating habits. There was a lot of talk about fat, and cholesterol, and all that, and so the beef industry responded very aggressively in changing our product from a very fat product to a lean product, a very healthy product.”

Sherron is the past chairman of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Human Nutrition Research Committee.

“We’ve done a tremendous amount of research proving the health benefits of our product both from the protein aspect of it, from the muscle building and the strength, and all and the vitamins content in it and the health benefits.”

Dr. Sherron points at that there are twenty-seven cuts of beef that are as lean as boneless chicken breasts.

“We’ve taken that research and we’re putting it forth in the main stream media, and TV and all of that and recently launched a program through the Beef Council where that will be taken directly to physicians so that they understand what the research has said.”

Sherron says beef can do more than build young bodies.

“At any age, you can build muscle with beef with the protein. And if you have the protein you have the strength to take care of yourself, and a lot of these nursing homes could be emptied out if we could change the dietary habits of elderly people.”

Sherron also believes that the production of food is a noble calling.

“I always tell people I’ve lived two of the most honorable professions there are, one providing health care for people, and one providing nutrient value for people, and so I feel very fulfilled in those roles.”