Why does frost form on your vehicle?

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - We usually see frost form a couple nights each winter in the Brazos Valley, but this winter has been a bit colder. We've seen that frost become more common. On clear, cold nights, temperatures can quickly drop to freezing or below and frost will form.

Your car is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about frost. Many of us park our cars outdoors at night, and when skies are clear and temperatures fall quickly, there isn't anything to stop the heat from escaping your vehicle. Your engine emits heat, and with the colder air surrounding it, moisture will condense and form a thin layer of water droplets on the surface of your car.

Once your car temperature gets to the freezing point or lower, that moisture will begin to freeze, forming a layer of frost. The metal surface of your vehicle is not very good at retaining heat, so it does not take very long for this process to occur, usually just a couple of hours, depending on how quickly temperatures drop after sunset.

Do you want to create your own frost at home? It's easy and requires just a couple of items. They are as follows:

A tin can (with the label removed).

Rock salt

Crushed ice.

Start by filling the can with ice, add rock salt to the ice, and mix it up a bit. Give it a few minutes and frost will begin forming on the outside of the can. This process is similar to the process that occurs on the surface of your car.