GoPro missing for over a year captures time away

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In trending news this morning, a lost GoPro is returned with some extra footage, South Carolina residents can't cash in lottery winnings, and babies are dressed up as puppies to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

First up, an Oregon man lost his GoPro camera after jumping into a lake back in 2016. Somehow, another man found it, and after looking through some of the video he was able to track down the owner and return it on Christmas morning.

But before the return, he recorded some of his own adventures along the way. He chronicled his year-long journey across the country, from exploring the Florida Keys underwater to slack lining on the mountain tops of West Virginia.

Also trending, some South Carolina lottery players want answers after they say they won hundreds, even thousands of dollars on Christmas day, but haven't seen any of their winnings. One woman says she had 5 winning tickets for a total of $2,500. Her friend also played, and won $1,000 on two tickets.

When the ladies went to cash them in the next day, they were told they couldn't. The South Carolina education lottery says a programming error with their computer system led to the problem. The situation is now being investigated.

Lastly, a hospital in Bangkok dressed some newborn babies in puppy outfits ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year which will be celebrated in February.

Twelve animals make up the traditional Chinese zodiac, with each year having its own peculiar and unique beliefs. The year 2018 will ring in the year of the dog. Babies were photographed in blue and brown crochet hats and dog outfits and parents were given framed photos as a memento.