Gov. Abbott: 'I predict we've hit the bottom of the unemployment rates'

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 7:19 PM CDT
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Governor Greg Abbott talks like a man with a plan he fully believes in.

In our interview with him Tuesday, the governor remained optimistic about the future of our economy.

"I predict that we've hit the bottom of unemployment rates here in the state of Texas," said Abbott.

He tells us the best way to help those out of work is to continue re-opening the economy across the state. Abbott is adamant that once people get back to work, it will begin to heal the economic stress caused by COVID-19 social distancing.

Abbott also tells us he believes Texas will be able to host large events like conventions and sporting events.

"Texas is prepared to find strategies where we will able to hold conventions later on this summer," Abbott reveals.

Abbott's comments are timely as Vice President Mike Pence named Texas, Florida and Georgia as states that have made “tremendous progress” in reopening and floated them as possible alternate locations to host the upcoming Republican National Convention. The convention is set to take place in Charlotte but President Donald Trump has voiced his displeasure with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's apprehension to allow the venue to fill to 100% capacity.

Governor Abbott's comments extend to sporting events too. He tells us that Texas A&M will be able to play football games if the school chooses to do so. Furthermore, Abbott says fans will be in attendance.

"The only level of uncertainty right now will be how many people we'll be able to have in our stands," said Abbott.

He says that will depend on the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading, what treatments and vaccines have been developed, and whether the governing organizations of each sports' respective leagues have put together a plan that state health officials feel confident about.

But Abbott says he remains realistic about the possibility of spreading a second wave. He explains that he and his team of health officials at the state level will work to identify hotspots and slow the spread of COVID-19.

"Once we go in there and start testing people, we're able to get the situation contained and the numbers then go down," said the governor.

Watch the full interview in the player above.

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