Governor signs Sandra Bland Act into law

Published: Jun. 15, 2017 at 4:47 PM CDT
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Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday signed SB 1849, known as the Sandra Bland Act, into law.

SB 1849 by Senator Whitmire is the Senate companion to HB 2702 that Representative Garnet Coleman (D-147) wrote in the House.

Rep. Coleman released the following statement:

"Today the Sandra Bland Act was signed into law by Governor Abbott. It is time that we make progress in criminal justice reform that will keep both law enforcement and the public safe and prevent future tragedies like Sandra Bland’s. The Sandra Bland Act came about during an interim study by the House Committee on County Affairs that I chair. I applaud Governor Abbott for signing the Sandra Bland Act into law. The Sandra Bland Act will act as a building block to build upon in the future.

The Sandra Bland Act has many important measures that will make everyone safer. To name just a few the Sandra Bland Act will prevent traffic stops from escalating by ensuring that all law enforcement officers receive de-escalation training for all situations as part of their basic training and continuing education. The Sandra Bland Act will also ensure that cell checks are properly done by providing funding for automated electronic sensors. Furthermore, the Sandra Bland Act requires all jail deaths to be investigated by an outside law enforcement agency instead of the agency in charge of the jail where the death occurred.”