Grab an umbrella: Chance for scattered rain ahead of the weekend

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Latest drought monitor released Thursday morning showed worsening conditions across the Brazos Valley. A chance for needed rainfall arrives in the forecast over the next few days.

A weak cold front was strung across North & Central Texas Thursday afternoon and evening. As long as that boundary / wind shift is in the neighborhood, the potential for rain and thunderstorms will exist for the Brazos Valley.

Friday or weekend plans outdoors? No need to cancel. This will not be a washout and parts of the Brazos Valley will unfortunately miss out on wet weather. That said, any storm that moves in from the north, passing to the south, will bring the potential for brief, heavy rain, dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning, and gusty wind in excess of 30-40mph.

FRIDAY: Scattered rain and a few rumbles of thunder may wake some of us up before the rooster crows. The chance for rain to develop and drift across Milam, Robertson, and Leon Counties will open between 5am and 7am.

From there, all eyes are on trends. If those storms can fire up, there is the chance for wet weather to drift to the south and southeast. A conditional chance for rain & storms is in place for points along Highway 6 and points east between 7am and noon.

By the afternoon, that boundary should kick up additional rain and thunderstorms somewhere near the Highway 21 corridor. If that activity can dot the area, there is the potential for non-severe storms to drift toward the I-10 corridor / Houston area by early evening.

Rain and thunderstorms should come to an end by sunset, allowing for evening plans to go on with no issue.

SATURDAY: The rain and thunderstorm chance is once again at a 50% shot.

There are indications that rain and a few non-severe storms could develop across parts of the Northern Brazos Valley between midnight and 3am. From there, isolated pockets of rain and storms will be possible for a quick splash in the morning, with more likely potential arriving with the heat of the afternoon.

Below is the latest (as Thursday evening) run of the PinPoint Forecast for rainfall over Friday & Saturday. DO NOT get locked in on exact totals at exact locations -- but note the trends as to what could happen through this 48 hour period.

Some will get lucky over the next two days with the possibility of cashing in on an inch of rain or more. More general totals between 1/4" to 1/2" should be common. There will be some of us that are left incredibly frustrated staying either totally dry or only dumping a few hundredths of an inch out of the rain gauge.