No criminal action taken against Bryan police officer involved in shooting

Published: Mar. 7, 2017 at 3:44 PM CST
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Tuesday, the Brazos County Grand Jury declined to take any criminal action in a Bryan Police Officer-involved shooting that happened on February 12th.

Officer Steven Laughlin, 27, had been on routine administrative leave after shooting Calvin Baker, who reportedly made threatening gestures and remarks to Laughlin and another officer on the scene.

In a statement by the Brazos County District Attorney's office, the incident was investigated by the DA's office, the Texas Rangers, and the Bryan Police Department.

After collecting evidence that included body camera footage, audio and video recordings, physical evidence and witnesses, the DA's office says no criminal action will be taken with respect to the officer's actions.

According to Bryan police it happened around 10:15 p.m. on the 5300 block of Mallard Drive.

Officers said the man showed up at the house and he became aggressive with police.

"Officer Laughlin casually approached him and attempted to interact with him. The male then placed his right hand in his back pocket and refused to remove it despite multiple commands from Officer Laughlin to do so."

Officers say the 33-year-old black man made several statements including "are you ready" and "I ain't dropping nothing." Chief Buske says the man was moving in the direction of the female, but continued making remarks to the officers including "are you ready?"

Officer Laughlin said to the man "don't do this" and the man responded "do it, man."

"He continued to act like he had a handgun. The man then rapidly pulled out a black object from his back pocket and took a shooting stance and pointed it at Officer Lauglin," said Chief Buske.

Officer Laughlin then fired his gun several times and hit the man an unknown number of times.

"Officer Laughlin believed the black object was a gun and he was in immediate fear for his well-being," said Chief Buske.

The black object was a cell phone.

Wednesday Bryan Police will release officer Laughlin's body cam footage.

Officer Laughlin was put on routine administrative leave after the shooting, but he's since returned to his job.