Grimes County residents lobby against proposed high-speed rail

Published: Mar. 7, 2017 at 9:16 PM CST
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Dozens of Grimes County residents packed a bus Tuesday morning and headed for the capitol to lobby against the proposed high-speed rail.

Many said the day was personal for them. Some said they could lose everything if the plan becomes a reality.

"TCR (Texas Central Rail) wants to take our home and property that we've had and lived at since April of 98. My husband and I are both teachers, just retired, and just started renovating our house," said Dana Bevel, Roans Prairie resident.

Bevel's story was similar to most making the trip.

"I've never done anything like this before, but I just wanted to talk to some legislators in Austin and see what we can do about it. It just doesn't seem right that a business can use people's land for their own profit," said John Tune, Plantersville resident.

Small groups broke out and were assigned to speak with certain lawmakers. KBTX followed as one group went to speak with several representatives, but none were available.

Staff members at some offices did listen to the group's concerns, with promises to pass the message along. However, getting that far was not easy.

"It was hard sometimes, just to talk to someone in the office, but we stood there and really pressed the matter," said Kim Smith, Bedias resident.

The Grimes County group was pleased that someone took time to listen to their concerns.

They said they will only keep pushing to speak with the representatives directly.