Grimes County Sheriff's Office adding new task force to help crack down on drugs

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 10:14 PM CST
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The Grimes County Sheriff’s office created a new task force to crack down on crime hot spots around the county.

Patrol Sergeant Van Snook says that now that they have enough staff, they can really start cracking down on problem areas.

"There are just several complaints that have been continuing in certain areas. We are at the point now, where we can create a task force, and we just have a list of areas we need to target,” said Snook.

Snook says they will focus on areas like Northern Grimes County, just outside of Navasota, and Plantersville.

This task force consists of patrol deputies and sergeants, along with a K-9 unit.

K-9 Deputy Steven Siracusa says his dog Tweaker, a pit bull mix, is a trained single purpose dog that focuses solely on drugs like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and ecstasy.

It these drugs that the task force says is a problem in the county and something they want to attack head-on.

"We have been given complaints there is a lot of narcotics activity along with the criminal activity that could consist of warrants, DWI’s, and with us being on the team we hope to put a dent on that,” said Siracusa.

All to help make sure residents in the county are protected.

"By us being able to go out a few times and different times each month and target certain areas that will definitely have an impact,” said Siracusa.

On a Facebook post, the agency said "We encourage the citizens of Grimes County to contact the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers of any suspicious or criminal activity. S.I.G will follow up on all tips or information provided."

Grimes County Sheriff’s Office

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