Groups working together to treat PTSD in local veterans

Published: Nov. 11, 2017 at 1:14 PM CST
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For the second year in a row, two organizations are working together to help treat PTSD in some of our local veterans.

Brazos Valley Cares, a local non-profit group devoted to supporting individuals who have served in the United States military services, and their families, has teamed up with The Elk Institute and Dr. Carrie Elk to provide psychological health services to some of our service members and veterans.

Dr. Elk has been in the Brazos Valley this past week providing her services, free of charges, to local residents.

The Elk Institute is a non-profit that was established to provide mental health education, consultation, treatment, and clinical research service to our military and veteran communities. Specializing in the treatment of psychological trauma (PTS, PTSD, shell shock, battle fatigue, etc.), services are provided at no cost to the individual war fighter.

"Psychological Trauma is not something that comes about because you are mentally ill, weak, unprepared, broken, or otherwise less than what you ought to be," said Dr. Elk. "Psychological trauma comes about due to a natural physiological response to threatening situations in your environment. Psychological Trauma effects the way the material from that event is stored in your memory – it causes storage in fragments, rather than a whole, complete memory."

Click on the video player to watch our interview with Dr. Carrie Elk and Shelley Nelson from Brazos Valley Cares

"By addressing the memory’s fragments of a Psychological Trauma in a place where you are not in emergency mode, we can teach your brain to reframe a traumatic event and store the information from the event wholly (not in fragmented pieces). When the memory is fully integrated and stored in a complete way, fragmented shards do not pop up triggering the physiological responses associated with the original event.," said Dr. Elk.